The OASIS Board meeting in Bologna.

I feel honoured and privileged to have been invited to today's OASIS Board Meeting, to present DFLabs view on the role of STIX and CTI in Incident Response and Security Operations On March 7–9, 2017, through the effort of Prof. Monica Palmirani (Cirsfid), the board of the international standards organization Oasis (Advancing Open Standards for the Information Society) is holding its quarterly spring meeting at the University of Bologna to decide its overall aims, strategy and governance. The event, offering a rare opportunity to exchange ideas, has been proudly hosted by the University of Bologna. Also on the agenda were the question of the best policy for creating technological standards in support of interoperability, as well as innovative economic development, transparency for consumers and the policies of public sector bodies, and cooperation among standards bodies, as well as among large organizations. Thank you Laurent Liscia for the invite.