Enhancing Your Cybersecurity Efforts Through a Layered Approach

People working in cybersecurity nowadays face numerous challenges on a regular basis. Starting from having to deal with advanced threats, through managing third-party risk, ending with ensuring regulatory compliance, which is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge, in light of the growing regulations and mandates introduced by governments across the globe.

With so many aspects to consider, cybersecurity professionals sometimes have trouble focusing on cyber incident response and recovery. That is why organizations should consider a layered approach to cybersecurity, because it would allow them to detect incidents, manage risks, and quickly respond to different types of cybersecurity events.

Involvement of C-Level Managers, System Administrators, and Cybersecurity Teams

 In order to be effective, the layered cybersecurity approach needs to include an organization’s c-level management, system administrators, and cybersecurity teams. For starters, the users of your computer networks and systems should alert your company’s system administrators of any technical problems and suspicious behaviours within your system as soon as they detect them. To that end, all members of your organizations who use your information systems should go through some sort of cybersecurity awareness training, so that they can recognize when something is wrong and notify your cyber security incident response team in a timely manner.

The next layer of defense is centered around the duties and activities of an organization’s cybersecurity incident response team. They need to be able to recover from any cybersecurity event and conduct threat intelligence to prevent future incidents.

On top of that, cybersecurity teams need to take actions to ensure regulatory compliance, and that puts them under additional strain and might take their focus away from incident response and recovery.

Combining Human Resources and Automation for a Deeper Defense

Keeping in mind that cybersecurity teams have a lot on their plates, as they are tasked with so many duties, they could use an automated cyber incident response platform to make their lives easier. More specifically, they need a platform that combines human resources and automation, to be able to implement the layered security approach successfully. These types of platforms allow organizations to utilize both the expertise of cybersecurity professionals and the accuracy and efficiency of an incident response software.

By using a platform with automation and orchestration capabilities, cybersecurity teams will have the intelligence that will help them resolve an incident and take the necessary measures to prevent future incidents. Such platforms help reduce CSIRTs reaction time, by conducting the forensic investigation and tracking digital evidence during an incident, providing essential information, along with pre-defined workflows, to help organizations figure out how to resolve an incident as quickly and as effectively as possible to protect their most valuable assets.