If you are focused on IR/SOC Orchestration and Automation, Breach Readiness, Incident Response Plan and GDPR, then my team and i will be happy to help.



  • Over 100 Customers served in the past 5 years by our Technology and service Divisions.
  • Multi-Year International Experience ad Advisor and Board Member
  • Authored over 50 Scientific Papers and Book Chapters in the Field of Incident Response, Forensics and Data Breach and GDPR
  • MBA University of Liverpool - Harvard Business School Executive Education
  • Co-Edited and contributed to 6 ISO Standards in the Field of Incident Response.
  • Solid Experience in the Fortune 500, Gov and Academia.


I am based in Milano Italy and have Customers Worldwide. Should you be interested in knowing more about how myself and DFLabs can provide value, please feel free to connect, or following DFLabs on Linkedin.


You may also be interested in subscribe to my weekly column entitled: A weekend in Incident Response, where i discuss the current and future trend of IR, Data Breach, also related to GDPR.